Be Our Guest

This year Joe and I have been so lucky to have many of our friends come to visit us. We also had my parents stay for two weeks for their first visit, and are expecting a couple more friends & family to stop by later this year! We always love having people stay with us because it feels like we’re temporarily transported back home. We really hate saying goodbye!!!

March – The Trapani’s

We finally were able to visit Windsor Castle – home to the Queen! This was absolutely beautiful – the castle itself, the grounds, everything! This was one of the better museums I’ve seen in London as well. I could have spent forever looking in the China Museum at all that incredible dinnerware!

We also explored Portobello Road, where my dad educated Joe on finding the best/right antique bottles (hehe), walked through Kensington Gardens, and went for a traditional roast – which big J loved! My dad and I also went to the Victoria & Albert Museum, which was really, really cool! There is really so much to see – I left wanting to come back and see more! This was my parents first time to London and I think it’s safe to say they will definitely be back again soon.







April – AJ & Steph

We had so much fun hanging around the city with these two first time to London-ers! We also had to take our #1 foodie friends to Borough Market, where we ate our way through the entire place. AJ had the one request of visiting his ancestors at 221b Baker Street. Turns out that is actually the Sherlock Holmes Museum, which was another first for Joe and I living in London! We then walked around Regent’s Park and headed for a Sunday Roast at our favourite local spot, Duke on the Green. The weather was actually incredible while they were here, so instead of sightseeing on their last day, we took advantage of the 80 degree weather and headed to our neighbourhood park for a picnic. We loved showing them a true taste of our London life 🙂







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