It’s About Time


Since we have moved across the pond we’ve had countless people asking about our trips and encouraging us to start a blog. Well now it’s finally here. Except I’d like to call it more of an informational website(!)

I’m hoping we (I) have the time to commit to updating this because as you all know, Joe can lose his attention span pretttty quickly. Although he promises he is into it at the moment – look forward to his doner kebab reviews – who knows how he’ll feel in a month. Bottom line is that we are using this as a way to document our 24 months here and we’re both going to try to stick to it!

I’m going to go ahead and answer the question I think people will ask most and that is “What does the name mean?” Well, to put it simply – when we first got to London, we were faced with endless queues, or as us Americans like to say, lines. We were on a huge queue at customs when arriving to the UK for the first time, exhausted but eager to start our journey. We’ve waited on a few different queues to receive our BRP cards, National Insurance numbers, and bank statements, all in order to become real ‘residents’. We’ve been part of people queuing to get into bars, and even cut the queue at a popular brunch spot after Joe did some sweet talking. More importantly, it stands for all of the future queues we’ll be standing in, specifically, at airports where we plan on taking advantage of our time here and jet-setting from country to country. So as you can tell, this British word has been following us around from the moment we stepped foot into this country and quickly became one of our favorites. And after many nights of brainstorming, my witty husband came up with Queue for Two which seems to embody this adventure perfectly, so there you have it 🙂

Looking forward to sharing this experience with you all.

Liz & Joe

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