Barca part 2

Moving on to the beach! When we were there in July, we were able to spend the entire day lounging on Barceloneta, the city’s largest and most popular beach. It’s located along a really cool promenade that has tons of restaurants & shops, with lots of people walking, biking, and rollerblading through. It’s definitely not the best beach if you are looking for some quiet time as it was PACKED on a Saturday in July, but luckily we were there early enough to snag some lounge chairs 🙂 The water was beautiful, and we were excited to be first timers in the Balearic!

The next thing that needs to be addressed is how INCREDIBLE the food is in Barcelona. My favorite part about this city is how European it feels, but authentically Spanish at the same time. It’s the mix of both cultures that I think is so interesting and probably why the food is extra delicious.

The first place I need to start with is Botafumeiro. Joe had a co-worker recommend this spot to him the first time we came, and as soon as we had our first bite, we knew it was special. It’s a more upscale seafood restaurant with a massive menu. The restaurant reminds of being on the Titanic – it has wood floors and ceilings with brass railings and big chandeliers. There are tanks with lots of live lobsters, and you’ll quickly notice that almost every table ordered a raw bar platter. We celebrated our last night in Barca with our friends by taking them here and stuffing our faces with delicious seafood and amazing wine. The first time Joe and I went we ordered the Monkfish with garlic, tomato, and spinach which I literally dreamed about for months after. You know I had to get it when we were back again in July 🙂 We also all shared an amazing lobster salad that was one of the best I’ve ever had. Botafumeiro is definitely our number one suggestion if you are looking for a seafood diner filled with the freshest food & amazing ambiance.

Barcelona is also known for it’s plethora of tapas restaurants. Although Joe tends to avoid these because “he never gets full”, I think they are starting to grow on him… We’ve eaten at a few while in BCN, but the one that has stood out to me is Bardot. It’s an ultra cozy spot that’s tucked away on a quiet street off of the main Avenue Diagonal. Our favorite here was the beef tartare with truffle….seriously TDF. Perfect intimate dinner date spot before drinks at Boca Chica. This is a super hip spot with yummy craft cocktails and the coolest decor. Almost has a speakeasy feel. But you should go just to see the bathroom. Promise it’s worth it.

For breakfast, go to Caravelle. It’s a no frills restaurant that feels more like a cool cafeteria. We got lucky finding this place because it was the only one nearby that was open early on a Sunday (#AmericanProblems). But boy was it GOOD. I have to admit I’m slowly getting tired of the same old avocado toast, but this one had an interesting twist being served with dill, feta, and cherry tomatoes. It was a winner. Next time we get to Barcelona, Joe has requested to go back to Caravelle for lunch – I swear he tried to order tacos and a Galactic Pale Ale at 8 in the morning.

Barceloneta in March

That’s more like it


Boca Chica



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  1. Only 57 on the list? 104 weekends; that’s more than one every other week! I’ll send you a few more so you can do two every three weeks.


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