The Kremer’s Take London!

Joe and I are so lucky to have already had multiple visitors after only being here 5 months! It’s been so exciting to show our friends and family around our new city, but also so nice to have some familiar faces around to remind us of home.

Our first visitors were two of our best friends, Matt and Kendall, who decided to add on a last minute London trip to their Croatian vacation once they heard we were moving. It was perfect timing because we were only in our apartment for a couple of weeks, so having guests was the perfect way to break it in!

We spent Friday night singing and dancing on tables and most of Saturday bar-crawling through Parson’s Green. The boys had their first Pimm’s and the Kremer’s enjoyed our neighborhood favourite fish and chips. Sunday was spent brunching, recovering, and befriending the local Met. It was a whirlwind 36 hours but we had the BEST weekend dancing, laughing & catching up with these two. We couldn’t have asked for better first visitors, hoping they make a repeat trip next year!




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